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Emergency Medical Service. Open access


Performing advanced life support treatments in intensive care unit patients during COVID-19 – new challenges and procedures
Anna Chowaniec, Piotr Szwedziński, Klaudiusz Nadolny

Emergency pre-medical care on the battlefield as a critical point to saving the life of the wounded
Ivan M. Okhrimenko, Natalia A. Lyakhova, Taras G. Nagaynik, Oleh O. Zimnikov, Vasyl V. Prontenko

Aggression towards paramedics in Emergency Response Teams
Agnieszka Gonczaryk, Jarosław Piotr Chmielewski, Agnieszka Strzelecka, Ewa Zięba, Tomasz Wójcik, Magdalena Florek-Łuszczki

Comprehensive treatment of complicated course of liver cirrhosis in case of bleeding from the varicos veins of esophagus, encephalopathy and ascites
Vasyl I. Rusyn, Konstantin E. Rumiantsev, Andriy A. Rusyn, Olesia Balazh

Analysis of the causes of hypotension in recovery room surgical patients
Robert Hadzik, Marta Pietrzak, Dariusz Kosson


The functioning of Emergency Departments during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic
Michał Dudek, Zbigniew Putowski, Robert Latacz, Robert Kijanka, Klaudiusz Nadolny, Wojciech Gaszyński

Fulminant soft tissue infections caused by anaerobic bacteria – the paramedic’s perspective
Michał Grzegorz Szlagor, Tomasz Ilczak, Michał Ćwiertnia, Piotr Białoń, Robert Kijanka, Arkadiusz Stasicki, Katarzyna Styrkosz, Monika Mikulska, Rafał Bobiński, Marek Kawecki


The frequency of medical interventions at passenger airports in Poland in 2016-2020
Jan Stachurski

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