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Prognostic factors of chronic coronary syndrome in patients with concomitant type 2 diabetes mellitus
Nataliya Nyshchuk-Oliinyk, Sergiy Fedorov

Differences between end-tidal carbon dioxide obtained in right and left lateral decubitus positions in a patient with a pulmonary embolism – a concept for usage in emergency medicine
Dorota Zyśko, Grzegorz Gogolewski, Goutam Chourasia, Joanna Wizowska, Maciej Guziński, Dariusz Jagielski, Dariusz Timler, Klaudiusz Nadolny

The impact of changes on the efficiency of the hospital Emergency Department in Rybnik
Piotr Kuczera

Sudden cardiac arrest in patients over 60 years of age in the operation area of Emergency Medical Service in Siedlce in 2013-2017
Agnieszka Hawrylewicz-Łuka, Robert Gałązkowski, Daniel Celiński, Krzysztof Mitura Leszek Szpakowski, Sławomir Pilip, Paweł Śwniarski, Klaudiusz Nadolny

The assessment of work burnout and life satisfaction among nurses with the use of Copenhagen Burnout Inventory
Bianka Misiak, Jolanta Lewko, Regina Sierżantowicz, Karolina Lewko, Andrzej Guzowski, Hady Razak Hady, Jerzy Robert Ładny

Acute Coronary Syndrome – Are we aware?
Mateusz Lech, Paulina Bakier, Sylwia Jabłońska, Rafał Milewski, Emilia Duchnowska, Jerzy Robert Ładny

The analysis of sixth-year medicine students’ knowledge of paramedics competencies and their field of work
Przemysław Marek Fengler, Filip Jaśkiewicz

The knowledge of students of the faculty of medicine and the faculty of emergency medicine about intraosseous access
Tomasz Męcik-Kronenberg, Aleksandra Joanna Kuć, Katarzyna Krzyżak, Daria Małgorzata Kubik, Klaudia Ewa Kościelecka


Sodium-glucose cotransporter-2 inhibitors as new strategy of chronic heart failure management
Andrii S. Herashchenko, Sergiy V. Fedorov

Triage and emergency medical management of the acute radiation syndrome
Arkadiusz Trzos, Wiktoria Kudła, Karol Łyziński

The use of survival techniques in rescue proceedings on the example of the use of medicinal plants
Łukasz Kucharski


Severe methemoglobinemia with unknown cause – case report
Małgorzata Rak, Michał Dworzyński, Michał Dudek, Tomasz Ilczak, Dariusz Timler, Paweł Krakowiak, Anna Krakowiak

The concept of damage control resuscitation (DCR) in the prehospital as well as in-hospital setting – a case report
Wojciech Stefaniak, Łukasz Rozbicki

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