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Emergency Medical Services Championships as a form of professional development and the assessment method for educational needs of the state emergency medical services employees

Joanna Sowizdraniuk

Clinical application of modern crystalloid solutions

Dariusz Maciejewski

Life-saving procedures in patients with severe traumatic brain injury

Cezary Pakulski, Monika Bułak, Maciej Denisiuk

Trauma patient in Emergency Department at ST. Barbara Reginal Specialist Hospital No5 in Sosnowiec

Czarosław Kijonka, Monika Nowicka, Małgorzata Kidzińska

Pre-hospital management of a patient with massive hemorrhage

Rakesh Jalali, Izabela Godlewska, Andrzej Zawadzki

Designing a simulation program for polish medical univeristy’s

Michael S. Czekajlo

Carbon monoxide poisoning: review of current guidelines on hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Paweł Panieński, Magdalena Łukasik-Głębocka, Magdalena Witt, Marek Dąbrowski, Eryk Matuszkiewicz, Tomasz Bołdowski, Krystyna Romanowska, Michał Szemień

EMS teams taking accidental birth in out-of-hospital setting. Delivery checklist

Mieczysław Pietrzyk, Michał Gaca

State of emergency and the state of emergency health threats in context of healthcare provision

Marcin Śliwka, Anita Gałęska-Śliwka

HEMS in the Czech Republic

Jolanta Mácová

Letter to the editor

Guide for Authors in Emergency Medical Service

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