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Analysis of aggressive behavior towards healthcare workers before and during the SARSCoV-2 epidemic in Poland. Part 2
Aleksandra Joanna Kuć, Daria Małgorzata Kubik, Klaudia Ewa Kościelecka, Wojciech Piotr Szymanek, Tomasz Męcik-Kronenberg, Dariusz Ceglarz

Outcomes of penetrating cardiac injuries – a cardiac surgeon approach to 22 cases
Ali Cemal Duzgun, Ekin Ilkeli

Perfectionism and burnout in health care professionals
Marlena Robakowska, Anna Tyrańska-Fobke, Maciej Walkiewicz, Małgorzata Tartas, Daniel Ślęzak,Wioleta Tomczak, Łukasz Balwicki, Katarzyna Zorena, Sylwia Jałtuszewska

Lifeguards’ knowledge retention following airway management, ventilation and oxygen administration training
Jakub R. Bielinski, Filip Jaskiewicz

Self-assessment of knowledge of emergency medical services system employees on new psychoactive substances – current status and development prospects
Łukasz Paweł Kacprzak, Jolanta B. Zawilska

Epidemiology of out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest happening in Brzozow county – pilot study
Sebastian Kowalski, Adrian Moskal, Mariusz Goniewicz

Influence of emergency medical students training on preparedness to perform paediatric life support
Jerzy Kiszka, Dawid Filip, Piotr Wasylik


Management of the Emergency Department patient with toxic alcohol poisoning
Barbara Porębska, Małgorzata Kaczmarek-Fojtar

Thyroid storm as a life-threatening condition in the practice of Emergency Medical Service teams
Agnieszka Ciastkowska-Berlikowska

Skin diseases caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus and their increase during the use of personal protective equipment
Justyna Olszewska, Anna Charuta, Jerzy Ładny, Klaudiusz Nadolny


Recurrent syncope as a symptom of electrical storm – case presentation
Przemysław Skoczyński, Paweł Pochciał


Life-saving procedures and cardiopulmonary resuscitation from the ancient history to the present day
Krzysztof Mitura, Daniel Celiński, Agnieszka Hawrylewicz-Łuka, Sławomir Pilip, Leszek Szpakowski, Marta Jarzębowska, Paweł Jastrzębski, Sławomir Dariusz Szajda

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