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Cardiac function in patients with coronary artery disease prepared for coronary angiography
Katarzyna Łagoda, Regina Sierżantowicz, Klaudiusz Nadolny, Jerzy Robert Ładny, Hady Razak Hady

Assessment of the knowledge of police officers of the Police Prevention Department in the field of first aid
Łukasz Kucharski

Psychotropic medication use for chronic pain in older adults
Elżbieta Kozak-Szkopek, Katarzyna Broczek, Marcin Kołacz, Dariusz Kosson

Comparison of emotional wellbeing in patients after colorectal surgery under spinal and general anaesthesia
Piotr Pietraszewski, Dariusz Timler, Tomasz Gaszyński


Dissolving pain in Open Focus™ attention
Tomasz Kopeć

Clinical features of skin lesions occuring in the course of emergencies in children
Tomasz Kłosiewicz, Andrzej Rut, Daria Kopyt, Paweł Małecki, Patrycja Marciniak-Stępak

Emergency Severity Index – triage system description and literature review
Paweł Zwoliński, Michał Szemień, Zbigniew Żaba

The hospital emergency department in Poland – the history and the evolution
Jakub Kraszewski, Marlena Robakowska, Katarzyna Pogorzelczyk, Sylwia Jałtuszewska, Daniel Ślęzak

Providing health services by paramedic without patient’s consent
Małgorzata Paszkowska

Death before the arrival of the basic emergency medical services team
Dariusz Zawadzki, Janusz Sikora, Justyna Krupińska

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