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An analysis of the relationship between the applied medical rescue actions and the return of spontaneous circulation in adults with non-hospital sudden cardiac arrest

Klaudiusz Nadolny, Jerzy Robert Ładny

Knowledge of basic life support among police officers and the impact of short reminder training on the increase of these skills

Dominik Maciej Gałuszka, Magdalena Jarek, Angelika Poznańska, Krystian Wolanin, Klaudiusz Nadolny, Jerzy Robert Ładny

Cases of stigmatization and discrimination against HIV and HCV patients by medical personnel – comparative surveys

Maciej Rogala, Ewa Donesch-Jeżo

Evaluation of the usefulness of measuring the width of the optic nerves together with the optic nerve sheath using ultrasonography to predict the occurrence of increased intracranial pressure – preliminary report

Dominik Maciej Gałuszka, Klaudiusz Nadolny, Jerzy Robert Ładny

Legal regulations and medical error of a medical dispatcher 

Dariusz Zawadzki, Anna Rej-Kietla, Janusz Sikora 

The impact of staying at a height on the human body

Maciej Chmielewski, Katarzyna Zackiewicz, Jerzy Robert Ładny, Klaudiusz Nadolny

Meningitis – case report

Dominik Maciej Gałuszka, Angelika Poznańska, Marcin Kunecki, Robert Gałązkowski, Klaudiusz Nadolny 

ESC 2019 UPDATE – What is new in emergency medicine?

Aleksandra Gąsecka, Sylwester Rogula, Klaudiusz Nadolny

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