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Prognostic value of early warning scores in predicting in hospital mortality among COVID-19 patients in an emergency department
Sławomir Butkiewicz, Paula Dobosz, Anna Tuka, Robert Gałązkowski, Patryk Rzońca

Determinants of effective cardiopulmonary resuscitation performed by medical personnel
Maria Gołda-Bąk, Paweł Więch, Małgorzata Szpytma, Izabela Sałacińska

Current aspects of urgent surgical assistance in patients with diabetic foot syndrome
Vitalii I. Liakhovskyi, Oleh H. Krasnov, Ruslan B. Lysenko, Tamara V. Gorodova-Andreeva, Oleksandr M. Lyulka, Natalia O. Lyakhova,
Oksana I. Krasnova

The effect of working in shifts on the nutrition habits of Emergency Response Team paramedics
Jarosław Piotr Chmielewski, Aneta Kosoń, Mariola Wojciechowska, Natalia Sady, Michał Motyl, Zuzanna Wróblewska,
Izabela Chojnowska-Ćwiąkała

Cooling the burn wound among the children and teenagers in the firefighter practice
Leszek Marzec, Łukasz Czyżewski, Łukasz Dudziński


Evacuation of the wounded from the battlefield as an important component of emergency medical care
Olexandr O. Starchuk, Ivan M. Okhrimenko, Natalia A. Lyakhova, Oleksandr L. Martenko, Taras G. Nagaynik

“Mini-midline” vascular access in specific situations
Maciej Latos, Marceli Solecki, Artur Szymczak, Grzegorz Cichowlas, Dariusz Kosson

Mass casualty incident – training based analysis of state emergency medical system
Grzegorz Witkowski, Klaudia Perończyk, Paweł Siedlis, Igor Plewiński, Klaudiusz Nadolny


Complete knockout of a permanent tooth – interdisciplinary problem or how to help so that it does not harm – case study
Anna Goszczycka, Joanna Głogowska-Szeląg


ІІІ All-Ukrainian scientific and practical conference with international participation «Emergency and urgent aid in Ukraine: Organizational, legal, clinical aspects»
February 24, 2023

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