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Prediction model of probability estimate of fatal cases in infants with congenital malformations in surgical interventions
Alexey O. Vlasov, Iryna A. Holovanova

Percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography in the diagnostics of common bile duct diseases complicated by obstructive jaundice
Valeriy V. Boyko, Yuriy V. Avdosyev, Anastasiia L. Sochnieva, Denys O. Yevtushenko, Dmitro V. Minukhin

Method of erythrocyte protection in urgent cardiac surgery
Volodymyr І. Cherniy, Lada O. Sobanska

Possibilities of diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic brain ischemia
Tetiana V. Chernii, Daria O. Fokina

Modern concept of rendering aid to women with ovarian hemorrhages
Igor Z. Gladchuk, Oleg Ya. Nazarenko, Alla G. Volyanska, Vitalii L. Kozhakov

Analysis of organizational components of emergency medical care with acute coronary syndrome in Poltava region of Ukraine
Vyacheslav M. Zhdan, Iryna A. Holovanova, Grygori A. Oksak, Maksym V. Khorosh


The importance of carnitine and its metabolism in newborn: literature review and clinical case
Тetiana Znamenska, Оlha Vorobiova, Тetiana Holota, Yurii Marushko, Valerii Pokhylko

All-Ukrainian scientific-practical correspondence conference with international participation “Emergency and urgent medicine in Ukraine: organizational, legal, clinical aspects” February 26, 2021, Poltava, Ukraine

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