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Entonox in pre-hospital care. Scottish experience and outlook of its utilization by Polish Ambulance Emergency Teams

Aleksander Rutkiewicz, Johnny Hood

Effectiveness and safety of Entonox administration: a commentary

Aleksander Rutkiewicz

Tranexamic acid in the management of trauma hemorrhage

Paweł Panieński, Marek Dąbrowski, Michał Szemień

The moderate therapeutic hypothermia – the standard of care in patients surviving out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest

Robert Julian Kowalik, Łukasz Kołtowski, Grzegorz Opolski

The patient with acute coronary syndrome – the co-operation between the medical rescue team, the hospital emergency department and the interventional cardiology unit

Joanna Wojtasik, Stanisław Bartuś, Jacek Legutko

Intraosseous access – limitations and advantages in ems team’s work

Sylwester Bęckowski, Przemysław Kluj, Katarzyna Browarna

Stan nagły oraz stan nagłego zagrożenia zdrowotnego a uprawnienia członków personelu medycznego wobec osób agresywnych

Marcin Śliwka, Anita Gałęska-Śliwka

The organization of centralized medical dispatches in the lesser poland voivodeship

Małgorzata Popławska, Marek Maślerz

Guide for Authors in Emergency Medical Service

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