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Clinical characteristics and outcomes of patients admitted with atrial fibrillation/atrial flutter to the Emergency Department
Goutam Chourasia, Dorota Zyśko

Attitudes towards the COVID-19 pandemic and the level of knowledge about the pandemic among the patients in the
opinion of medical personnel – an international study
Michał Ćwiertnia, Tomasz Ilczak, Kacper Sumera, Esther Navarro-Illana, Mieczysław Dutka, Michał Szlagor, Arkadiusz Stasicki, Piotr Białoń,
Maciej B. Hajduga, Monika Mikulska, Rafał Bobiński, Marek Kawecki

The impact of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic on hospital admissions and diagnosis of emergency patients
Leszek Marzec, Łukasz Dudziński, Łukasz Czyżewski

Influence of the workplace on the feeling of safety among emergency medical personnel in selected European countries
during the COVID-19 pandemic
Tomasz Ilczak, Michał Szlagor, Michał Ćwiertnia, Kacper Sumera, Esther Navarro-Illana, Arkadiusz Stasicki, Piotr Białoń, Beata Kudłacik,
Mieczysław Dutka, Jan Bujok, Monika Mikulska, Wioletta Waksmańska, Rafał Bobiński, Marek Kawecki

Introduction to ecological innovations in resuscitation training. Does made of cardboard has to mean single-use?
Filip Jaskiewicz


Nutrition in the prevention and management of endometriosis symptoms – a current literature review
Aleksandra Joanna Kuć, Wojciech Piotr Szymanek

Practice of providing psychological assistance to law enforcement officers in extreme (crisis) situations
Ivan M. Okhrimenko, Yuliia I. Martenko, Sergii A. Basarab, Svitlana S. Okhrimenko, Nataliia Liakhova, Kostiantyn V. Prontenko
Ataxia in children in the practice of a paramedic
Dariusz Zawadzki, Mariusz Ciastkowski, Agnieszka Ciastkowska-Berlikowska

The use of drones in emergency medicine
Monika Prokurat, Katarzyna Elżbieta Grudnik, Stanisław Niemczyk, Wojciech Niemczyk, Karolina Lau, Janusz Kasperczyk


Pre-hospital management of acute pericarditis based on a case study
Dominik Maciej Gałuszka, Jakub Kasperowicz, Katarzyna Ślusarczyk

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