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Specificity of Emergency Medical Service team calls in pediatric population

Dominik Karczewski, Dariusz Kosson

The effectiveness of distance learning in advanced cardiac resuscitation
– a pilot study

Piotr Leszczyński, Anna Charuta, Monika Klepacka, Daryna Sholokhova,
Paweł Bakalarski, Piotr Rejent

The glucose measurement result by the EMS team – a useful patient’s death risk stratification tool

Jan Gessek, Robert Gałązkowski, Marcin Podgórski, Edyta Wcisło

The idea of the Rescue Task Force for Emergency Medical Services teams: the future or the present urgent to implement?

Tomasz Sanak, Marek Dąbrowski, Piotr Kominek, Sławomir Butkiewicz, Karol Łyziński, Agata Dąbrowska

Prehospital management of hypothermia

Paweł Podsiadło, Tomasz Darocha, Sylweriusz Kosiński, Tomasz Sanak, Anna Jarosz, Robert Gałązkowski, Jacek Piątek, Janusz Konstanty-Kalandyk, Rafał Drwiła

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