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The profitability analysis of automated external defibrillators located in Tricity

Katarzyna Pogorzelczyk, Tomasz Lopacinski, Marlena Robakowska, Przemyslaw Zuratynski, Andrzej Basinski, Daniel Slezak, Agnieszka Wojtecka

Peripheral circulation status and its correction in patients with pyoderma

Yuriy Andrashko, Mohammad Alarqan, Iwona Siwek, Anna Slifirczyk, Katarzyna Chomicz

Awareness of legal regulations on self-defence among paramedics and their usefulness in professional work

Marcin Lubek, Robert Galazkowski

The use of OTC drugs in Polish society and awareness of the risk resulting from their abuse

Iwona Siwek, Anna Slifirczyk, Katarzyna Chomicz

Medical dispensary as a basic link of the State Emergency Medical System – historical analysis and the current model

Patrycja Spiess, Robert Galazkowski, Mateusz Komza

Report from the EMS 2019 conference – Madrid

Marcin Kowalski, Marcin Podgórski, Tomasz Derkowski, Robert Galazkowski

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