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Stigmatization of mentally ill people by paramedics – pilot study
Paulina Pisaniak, Joanna Żołądź, Aleksander Tarczoń, Dorota Ozga

A comparison of mouth-to-mouth, mouth-to-pocket face mask and bag valve mask ventilation during lifeguards’ CPR: a manikin study
Tomasz Gaszyński, Bartosz Borkowski, Karolina Przybyt-Sibelska, Krzysztof Chmiela

Assessment of interventions completed by the Voivodeship Rescue Service in Katowice in the Silesian Voivodeship in 2018 due to injuries
Magdalena Wierzbik-Strońska, Klaudiusz Nadolny, Jerzy Robert Ładny, Beniamin Oskar Grabarek, Łukasz Pach, Dariusz Boroń

Analysis of activities in the field of health promotion,prophylaxis and prevention of mental disorders among children and adolescents in Poland and worldwide
Monika Serkowska, Katarzyna Pogorzelczyk, Marlena Robakowska, Marta Gallas, Sylwia Jałtuszewska, Daniel Ślęzak

The effectiveness of using ECG teletransmission during emergency medical team interventions
Tomasz Ilczak, Monika Mikulska, Małgorzata Anna Rak, Michał Ćwiertnia, Piotr Białoń, Arkadiusz Stasicki, Wioletta Waksmańska, Rafał Bobiński, Marek Kawecki

Pneumonia in the COVID-19 era – emergency room physician’s perspective. Part I – etiology and epidemiology
Dariusz Kawecki, Anna Majewska

Medical guidelines for airline travel: management of in-flight circulatory arrest
Paulina Pisaniak, Dawid Kurzyna, Patryk Stokłosa, Patrycja Pisaniak, Dorota Ozga

Fulminant soft tissue infections caused by aerobic bacteria – a paramedic’s perspective
Michał Grzegorz Szlagor, Rafał Bobiński, Monika Mikulska, Tomasz Ilczak, Michał Ćwiertnia, Piotr Białoń, Robert Kijanka, Arkadiusz Stasicki, Katarzyna Styrkosz, Marek Kawecki

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