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Emergency management of children – practical guidelines

Marek Migdał, Andrzej Piotrowski

Severe trauma in children, discussions on how to optimize the healthcare system in Poland

Piotr Kaliciński

Management of liver trauma in children – a single center experience

Dorota Broniszczak, Piotr Kaliciński, Marek Szymczak, Hor Ismail, Mateusz Ciopiński, Katarzyna Woźniak-Pankowska

The management of head injuries in children at the Children’s Memorial Health Institute

Przemysław Łaniewski-Wołłk

Early management of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in children

Paolo Biban, Davide Silvagni

Sepsis and septic shock in children

Andrzej Piotrowski

Fluid therapy in life-threatening states in children

Anna Gąsiewska-Drazba, Marek Migdał

Psychological support for family suffering an unexpected child loss

Anna Jakubowska-Winecka, Kinga Leszczyńska-Iwanicka

State of emergency and the state of emergency health threats in context of compulsory treatment

Marcin Śliwka, Anita Gałęska-Śliwka

Guide for Authors in Emergency Medical Service

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